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We’re A Web Company For The Modern World


Nuvo was founded in 2013 in in the great state of Texas as a WordPress web design firm like any other. After a few years of success, a ton of work and countless late nights doing the “traditional web agency” thing we were overworked, miserable and tired of all the work it took to get a client and deliver a website. We were so done with everything in fact, that in late 2015 we even considered selling the company and walking away. However, none of us wanted to go get jobs again so we rolled up our sleeves and set out to find a way to turn it around. Our goals were to spend less time in the business, deliver a better and more useful product to our customers in way less time and streamline everything in between. Over the next few months, we came up with a plan that would become Nuvo as you see it today. We also realized the only way to achieve the goals we set was to build our own platform; so we stopped taking new clients, pooled our resources and began working harder than ever before. A year and some change later in early 2017, the Nuvo builder platform was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Is the year we launched our platform
Dedicated employees work at Nuvosite
Thousand pages are built on Nuvosite
sites donated to non-profits by Nuvosite


To build the best website builder the world has ever seen and use it to empower people to build a better future for themselves and the ones they love.


Core Value

Serve others unselfishly and Profit



Empower others to succeed through creation of tools and services that make it super easy for anyone to have an awesome looking website that’s easy to maintain and grow online.


Based out of our humble office in Austin, TX the small but growing Nuvosite team is working hard to become the best website builder platform in the world. Our team is made up of a great group of highly intelligent and talented people (and their dogs) intent on helping you or your company build awesome websites and find success online. Each member of the team brings something unique and valuable to Nuvosite and is the best at what they do. We’re not happy with mediocrity and are committed to personal growth to be better people for ourselves and our customers. We keep our team fueled on snacks, great food, and Texas beer, and stimulate their creative juices with ongoing challenges. We love working together building this platform to it’s fullest potential. Most importantly, everyone on this team believes in Nuvosite’s mission to “Serve others unselfishly and profit” this mission extends past customers, to each other, to our families and friends and makes for one hell of a nice place to build a life.

Why Nuvosite?

We provide an innovative and easy to use web site building platform to people that want to get online and grow quickly with no learning curve and all the tools, services, and support they need to become successful. Whether you’re a creative person, musician, business owner, entrepreneur, bride or student, we have all the tools and options you would need to create an incredible online presence. Use our builder to create beautifully designed websites, stores or landing pages that reflect you or your company and get online today. We’ll keep complicated techy processes behind the curtain and guarantee that your experience will be straightforward, fun and code-free.

We have the only drag and drop website building platform with HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities, 120+ designer-made templates, high-grade hosting, effective marketing/SEO tools, robust e-commerce, awesome landing page/funnel builder, and 1000s of options at no cost. we provide valuable premium services (hey, we need to make money too), however, our business model permits us to supply complete websites to everybody – at no cost. For customers that still want a website built for them, Nuvosite is the first and only website building platform to roll out a “pay as you go” design. This revolutionary new service offers custom built websites, delivered in 5 days with the option to pay for it over 12 months rather than paying upfront. This service cuts the overall time and costs to have a custom website built by up to 90% when compared to traditional web design services. In addition to your custom website, the service includes all the peripherals you need for a new website (domain, email, marketing tools, training, support and more) all for less per month than your cell phone bill.


From our products and services to our philosophies and culture we like to keep things simple. Taking inspiration from Googles “ten things” list here are the simple values that will help guide Nuvosite to world domination.

  1. Focus on customers and everything will follow
  2. Don’t do stupid stuff
  3. “Good enough” is the battle cry of the unremarkable
  4. The success of a team is more important than the diversity of the team
  5. Adequate performance gets a generous severance package
  6. We’re a team not a family
  7. You can be serious without a suit
  8. Fast is better than slow
  9. Face adversity through fierce optimism and decisive action
  10. Give people the proper tools and support so they can succeed

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