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 Content Management

Unlimited BW & Storage

Add years worth of blog posts, embed videos, upload images, and you’ll still never run out of space for your content.

Unlimited Pages

Add as many pages as you need. Nest them in drop-down menus, or hide them in your navigation to link to or use later.

Unlimited Products

Add all the physical, digital or membership products you want to your store and showcase them anywhere on your website.

Content Import

Save time by pulling content from an existing website or web page. The content is automatically placed in the template and saved in the site.

Content Ownership

You retain ownership of all the content and assets you add to the Nuvo platform.

Locations & Maps

Help users find you by integrating your address and adding Google Maps to your website.

Email Subscription 

Build an email list with your preferred email marketing platform. Place the field on any page and watch your subscriptions grow.

Manage Contacts

Stay organized by managing your contacts, leads, messages, and subscribers in all one place.

Multilingual Content

choose from 55 languages and create multi-language responsive sites with Google Translate. Edit every page in every language, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Form Builder

Set up appointments, generate leads, offer registration for events and learn more about your customers by creating forms with our builder.

Password Protection

Easily password protect pages or entire sections of your website. This is great for membership sites or online courses and content sites.

Images & Galleries 

Add unlimited images to your galleries, then quickly design and customize their layout so every single one looks great on the page.


Need to make something using HTML? Use our code blocks to make whatever you want with custom code.


Play your music on any page of your site by simply uploading your audio tracks and embedding them with our media player


Include your YouTube, Vimeo or Kickstarter videos on any page by copying and pasting the embed code or just upload and host your own.

Search Box

Nuvo offers Google Custom Search that adds a search box to your site to help people find what they need on your website.

Layer Slider

Use our fully responsive drag & drop layer slider widget to build all your slides. Replicate and save slides to use again. Drop you siders anywhere you want on the page

Pricing Tables

Build great pricing tables for your services and digital products. Style the tables to match the look and feel of your website. Save and replicate tables with a click.

Social Sharing

Social widgets allow you to add social share or follow & like buttons anywhere. Share settings allow you to set what text and image is seen when a page/post/image is shared.

Blog & Portfolio

Our portfolio and blog widgets allow you to place blogs and portfolio items on any page and customize the layouts infinitely to suit your needs.


Our menu widget automatically formats content and includes your item title, description, and price.


Easily add a button to your website and then customize the text, color, and shape to fit your design.


Embed platforms and functionality using our simple embed widget. Just drop the widget where you want it and paste your code in.

Payment Forms

Take payments and donations simply by dropping in a simple payment form. Style it to match your site.

 Design Control


Improve your brand recognition by adding a favicon that displays on the browser tab when a website is open.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Reduce development time with Nuvo’s easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Flexible Navigation

Choose from various navigation styles for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Then customize it any way you want

Code Access

For ultimate flexibility and control, Nuvo allows access to edit your website’s JS, HTML, and CSS.

Page Duplication 

Duplicate any page on your site and use its design and layout in another area of the site.

Copy & Paste

Make site-building even faster by copying and pasting elements inside your website.

Color Overlays

Customize images and videos with color overlays. You can control both their color and opacity.

Parallax Scrolling

Background images glide below your floating content as users scroll up and down.

Add Animations

Pick from our 30+ effects and add animations to elements on your website to make it more visually interesting.

Edit By Device

Customize every element per device, for full control over how your site looks and functions on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Shrinking Header

Add a dynamic touch to your websites by shrinking the header and keeping it at the top of the page while visitors scroll.

Custom Text Links

Choose the font color and format that you want for your website text links.

Responsive Framework

Nuvo was built on a fully responsive framework and ensures all pages, elements and websites are fully responsive.

Unlimited Fonts

Choose from the 800+ fonts in Google Fonts to use on your site. If you want to use your own font, just add the font file to use it.

Modern Design

Encourage conversions on your websites with modern designs that feature a fast-loading flat user interface.

Rich Text Editing

Engage site visitors by adding underlines, bold, italics, and more to the text inside widgets, and by linking words to internal or external pages.

Header Layout

Create perfect navigation every time with dozens of predesigned navigation and header layouts. All designs are fully responsive for all devices and screen sizes.

Custom 404 Page

Make the most of every website visit with a customized 404 page. Edit the page as you would any other page in the platform, adding images, videos, buttons, text, and more.

Margin Control

Advanced margin controls allow for more design customization of your website. Simply drag the “margin bar” out to the margins you like or just add a spacer widget.

Global Design

Create a consistent website by defining site-wide settings for text, buttons, images, and backgrounds. These settings can easily be changed per element and widget.

Revision History

Not sure about some changes? Made a mistake? Deleted something? Restore your website to the last version that you liked.

Columns & Containers

Feature specific content and highlight images by designing containers, adding drop shadows, or creating a grid.

Pre-made Sections

Switch up the look of your whole website or just a page with a couple of clicks by adding one of our pre-made content sections

Awesome Templates

Start with one of our professionally designed templates and customize it to make it your own.


Create engaging websites by adding background images or videos, and enabling parallax effects.
Backgrounds can be added at a sitewide, page or block-level giving you greater control.

27 Builder Widgets

Nuvo has a growing list of builder widgets like forms, Text, Icons, Gallery, Countdown, Separator, Image, Video, Audio, Slider, Testimonials, Tabs, Maps and on and on.

Pre-made Pages

Drastically shorten time to build your site with pre-made page layouts. Just choose the page layout you need, add your content, and modify as needed.

Spacing Control

Customize the line, character, and word spacing of the text on your website; as well as the spacing of elements, blocks, and sections


Product Control

Nuvo gives you full control over your products. Set up variations by color, size, or anything else. Create SKUs, Set a description and as many images as you want per variation, and so much more.

Product Presentation

Better looking product pages sell more so we let you set up your product page layout the way you want, add zoom effects to images, Add videos and slideshows to products.

Filtered Search

Help your customer find the products they want quickly with filtered product search. Add filters like size, color, options, price, newest, on sale, ratings or reviews and on and on.

User Reviews

Let your customers engage with you by rating their experience with you and the product through our user rating/review section. Only want people who’ve bought your product to leave reviews? you can do that.

Abandoned Cart

Increase sales with abandoned cart recovery. Your customers will be emailed with their cart contents and they can come back with one click. Customize the emails you send and when they’re sent.

Payment Options

Use your favorite processor. We offer Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Authorize.net, 2checkout, afterpay, and Cash on delivery. Sell your products as normal or set up manual payments for donation sites

Customer Area

Give your customers a place to hang out use your products, contact you for support and manage their orders with our customer backend area. Use the drag & drop builder t set it up how you want.

Order Tracking

In the days of Amazon Prime, customers expect to know where their package is and you should expect no different. Don’t worry, Nuvo Commerce allows your customers to track their orders

Shipping Settings

Set shipping cost per country or continent; rates can be set per state for US based stores. Choose your shipping type and get real-time pricing from major carriers USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS.

Tax Settings 

International sellers simply set up VAT rates for every country sell to. If you are US based, all you have to do is to insert your zip code and Nuvo adds the tax rate on checkout page only

Coupons & Discounts

From percentage and dollar amount discounts to free shipping and free gift codes, you have complete control over your coupons. Set them for certain products, cart totals, day of the week and more

Manage Inventory

Monitor your inventory and set up alerts for low inventory. Automatically hide products that have run out of stock. Create urgency and encourage visitors to purchase by showing how much stock is left.

Integrated Store

Nuvo Commerce is fully integrated with all other Nuvo products like the site builder, Nuvo Add-on services, Nuvo Reach SEO, landing page/funnel builder and more so you’re getting much more than an online store.

Store Emails

Customize the store emails sent to customers. Emails like thank you, order confirmation, order updates and more. Include your logo, company info, and support details and edit the content to suit your brand.

Flexible Design

Our drag n’ drop store builder makes it easy to design a unique, personalized website that really reflects your business and brand. It also makes it super quick to launch a new store.

Mobile Optimized 

Make it easy for customers to spend money any time on any device. Your Nuvo Commerce online store is automatically optimized for mobile and tablet use.

Stunning Templates

To help you get started with your online store, Nuvo Commerce has a growing selection of professionally designed templates for a wide variety of industries.

Sell Digital Goods

You’re not limited to selling only physical products. Sell digital products as well. Limit the number of downloads or the time of availability. Delivery is handled via e-mail or instant download.

Sell Memberships

Use Nuvo to set up your next membership site and easily sell things like online training, online magazines, coaching services, community membership, content/articles and more.

Manage Orders

When a purchase is made it will be added to the Store Manager so you can easily view all the details. Once an order has been shipped, mark it as fulfilled. Digital orders are automatically fulfilled.

Product Categories

Make it easier for customers to browse by organizing products into categories. Choose from several gorgeous category page layouts and customize as you like.


Set a maximum or minimum purchase for checkout (for example, a customer must spend at least $5 to complete the transaction).

Slashes & Badges

Encourage conversions by showing slashed regular prices alongside discounted prices. Display sale badges on the product page and category page to promote sale items.

Tracking Codes

Place tracking codes on “Thank You” pages to report sales into an analytics platform, and track the effectiveness of affiliate and pay-per-click campaigns.

 Services & Support

24/7 Chat & Email Support

Nuvo offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our entire customer care team is based in Austin, Texas and typically responds to help requests in under four hours.

Nuvosite Help Center

We’ve built an online knowledge base with help guides and tutorials. To explore the help center, visit support.nuvosite.com.

Chat Support in Builder

We’ve got a chat right inside our builder so if you have a quick question or need some help, open a chatbox and our support team is there.

How-To’s in Builder

We’ve put help and how-to articles right in the builder so whatever page you’re on you’ll see a little “help” button just click that and search for your issue.

24/7 Phone Support Coming

We’re a small company but growing quickly, and 24/7 American phone support is really expensive but it’s our intention to roll it out by early to mid 2019

Live Phone Support

We’re here for you. Call us up or send us an email. We answer from our Austin headquarters Monday through Saturday, 9:00AM-7:00PM CST.

Site Design Services

Building a website yourself doesn’t sound fun? No problem, Nuvo offers full custom websites with free hosting, domain & business email starting at just $67 per month for 12 months Learn More

Content Writing

Like building sites but hate writing content? We’ve got you covered with our in-house content writing service. Content prices starting at just $12 per piece. Learn More

Logo & Graphic Design

Need a new logo for your site? how about new cards or a new image to set your site apart? We can handle all of that for you with our in-house designers. Designs starting at just $15 Learn More

Pro DIY SEO Tools

Track your rankings, get your site ranked with our pro-grade SEO suite. Our tools show you exactly what to fix, helps you build links, spy on competitors and more. Plans start at $19 per month. Learn More

Site Maintenance

Ever wish you could just send an email with website changes and in 24 hrs or less they would be done for you? You can now, with Nuvo maintenance starting at just $79 per month Learn More

We Sell Domains

Get your domains for all your new sites directly from Nuvo and save money over your current provider. No high renewals, the price stays the same. Buy your next domain for $6 with Nuvo

Google G-suite

Get professional business email through Gmail with unlimited online file storage and all the other Google business apps. Starting at just $10 per month. Learn More

Nuvo Mail

Professional business email with everything you need and no fluff or inflated pricing. Kind of like our all of our other Nuvo Products. Pricing is $1 per email per month. Learn More

 Speed & Security

Free SSL Encryption 

All Nuvo websites include a 512bit SSL Encryption or “HTTPS”, the most secure protocol available for websites today.

Privacy Protection

We promise never to sell your personal data to 3rd party marketing firms. (We hate that too!)

Secured Checkouts

The Nuvo Commerce checkout process is secured by HTTPS/TLS encryption and is safe for your customers to purchase from your store.

PCI Compliant Hosting

Nuvo servers are all fully PCI compliant so you can build your Nuvo Commerce store and accept credit card payments with confidence.

Nuvo CDN

All websites on the Nuvo platform are on our CDN to ensure fast load times for your visitors no matter where they are in the world.

Automatic Updates

No more worrying about vulnerabilities due to an out of date platform or plugins. Updates to Nuvo products are done frequently and automatically to ensure we maintain a secure platform

Fast Load Speeds

Our platform is constantly being optimized for load speed and efficiency. The faster your page loads the more customers you’ll get and it’s super important for ranking in search engines

DDoS Protection

All sites on the Nuvo platform are also protected by a DDoS mitigation service for advanced cyber attack protection.

 SEO Optimization

Schema.org Support

We’re experts on best practices for SEO. Our approach to structured content leverages industry standard schema.org principles.

On-site SEO

Our built-in on-site SEO tools allow you to quickly add title tags, descriptions, image alt text, check keyword density, control page URLs, and set index/noindex on your pages and so much more.

Microdata & Rich Snippets

All Nuvo websites automatically include microdata to help search engines use data from your webpage to provide a richer browsing experience.

Redirect Manager

Make sure you never lose a visitor to a 404 error by redirecting no longer existent pages to active sections of your website.

Canonical URLs

Help prevent duplicate content issues by telling search engines which page should be credited as the original with our simple tool.

Automatic Google Sitemaps

Nuvo automatically generates and links a proper sitemap.xml that enumerates every single URL on your website.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

All Nuvo websites work perfectly on every device which is an important ranking factor in today’s mobile-driven world

Fast load speeds

Nuvo is designed with site speed in mind and a quick loading site is not only important when trying to rank it’s also great for customers.

Uptime & Reliability

Site uptime and reliability are small but important ranking factors for websites. AWS servers and a 99.9% uptime guarantee take care of that.

Robots.TXT Control

Good on-site SEO must have control over what gets indexed and what doesn’t. Nuvo allows you to easily set “index” or “noindex” on pages, categories, posts, images, etc.

SSL Encryption 

Site security is a huge ranking factor for modern SEO especially if you want to rank on mobile search. You don’t need to worry about it, all sites come with HTTPS/TLS encryption.

Headings Structure

Search engines still use headings to read and get an outline of your pages so that makes proper use of headings highly important. We offer h1 to h6 on all pages and posts.

Header & Footer Code

You have full control over header and footer code to put HTML and JS code in if you want to.

Internal Link Structure

Internal linking is a large part of getting multiple pages within your site to rank in the search engines. Our Onsite tool makes it easy to do and provides suggestions.

Breadcrumb Control

Nuvo allows you to set the taxonomy for every page within your website as well as set primary categories on blog posts.


Nuvo Reach is the best tool out there for DIY SEO period. 17 pro-grade tools to dominate your competition. It even has a full DIY Checklist that tells you exactly what to do. Learn More

 Templates & Sections

Modern Templates

Choose from a library of beautiful, sleek, natively responsive website templates. The selection is growing all the time.

Versatile & Flexible 

Nuvo templates, organized into industry categories, are incredibly versatile and can be adapted with ease for alternative industries.

Save Your Templates

Built a customized template that you want to reuse? Simply save it in the My Templates section of the Editor. You and your teammates will be able to use it over and over again.

Predesigned Sections

Speed up your website design process by adding predesigned sections to your websites. Each section is professionally designed and available in a click from directly inside the editor.

Create Sections & Pages

Create your own sections and pages, or save existing rows or full pages as sections, and reuse them as often as you like.

Share Sections

The Team Sections dashboard makes it easy for you to share any section that you’ve designed, and access sections that your fellow admins have designed and saved.

Predesigned Pages 

Speed up your website design process by adding predesigned pages to your websites. Each page is professionally designed and available in a click from directly inside the editor.

All Free Templates

You’ll never see a “paid” or “premium only” template because we don’t allow outside development but mainly because we provide the best themes and we want them included for free.

Store Templates

Sell your physical, digital or membership products using one of our store themes. We’re releasing now themes daily. They’re modern, flat and responsive and built for conversion.

Membership Templates

Easily sell your digital courses, online magazines, and all other membership products with one of our many membership store themes.

Landing Page Templates

Start getting more customers for your products or services by using our high converting landing page templates. All templates are designed and built for conversion.

 Audio, Images & Video

Responsive Images

As you upload images, Nuvo generates scaled versions of each original file so that the right image size loads for every device.

Image SEO

Easily add titles, descriptions, and tags to every image on your website.

Drag & Drop Images

Drag images directly from your desktop onto your browser to add or replace images.

Image Categorization

All images added to your website are auto-categorized and saved in the image library.

Fast File Serving

Nuvo utilizes content delivery networks (CDN) to host your image, video and Audio file to reduce load times around the globe.

Hover Effects

Add impactful effects to your images when users roll over them with their mouse.

Video Hosting

Host your videos directly on your Nuvo website rather than uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo

YouTube & Vimeo

If your videos are already uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo that not a problem. Simply place them on your site with our Video Widget.

Easy Video Backgrounds

Ever wanted one of those cool video backgrounds? Simply upload your video or use one from YouTube or Vimeo and get one in a few clicks.

Audio File Hosting

Are your an artist or musician? You can host all your audio files on Nuvo and place them on your site with our media player widget.

Video Overlays & Effects

Add effects and overlays to your video to add that extra something special to them. Or darken them to see content over them in a video background. It’s up to you.

Stock Photo Library 

Just like the big boys, we have a vast library of killer stock photos you can use to really punch up the look of your site and they’re all royalty free.

 Landing Page & Funnel Builder

Sales Funnels

Selling products or services? Easily create multistep sales funnels with just a few clicks

Optin Funnels 

Building lists and generating leads has never been easier with our opt-in funnels. Make your funnels as many pages as you want.

Advanced Analytics

Track your landing page analytics and conversion metrics all within our built-in advanced analytics suite. No need to use Google unless you want to

Event/Webinar Funnels 

Boost your webinar or online event signup by setting up a funnel using one of our online event funnel themes.

Limitless Customization

There are literally endless possibilities to customize and tailor your landing pages and funnels to meet your every need.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Use our drag & drop builder and widgets to get your landing pages and funnels looking just the way you want.

Store Connection

Add physical or digital products and let users check out right on the page. Keep track and manage all sales right in your store backend.

Sell Memberships

Do you sell courses or membership products? Build landing pages and funnels to signup and collect payment from new customers and send them into your membership site all without leaving Nuvo.

No Extra Cost

Clickfunnels is $99 per month Leadpages is $37 per month and on and on. Our funnel and landing page comes with ever plan at no extra cost. BOOM!

Nuvo Connected

All your online assets are in one place and supported by one company. Build sites, landing pages, Sales funnels, online stores, and membership sites all in one place.

Built-in A/B Testing

Split testing is critical for optimizing your lead pages and funnels for conversion. We made it easy to test any element and track the results.

One-Click Publishing

Publish your landing pages and funnels instantly with one click publishing. No more technical steps involved.

Email Autoresponder

Turbocharge your list building by connecting your favorite email autoresponder to your landing pages and funnels with ease.

Fully Responsive

With customer clicking on ads and opening email more and more on mobile devices we made sure your landing pages and sales funnels are fully responsive.

One-Click Upsell

Increase your cart value by 2x-3x with one click upsells. Offer a product to your users after they’ve entered their card with one-click. The pro’s do it so you should too.

Ready-Made Templates

We’ve got 45+ high converting templates currently and that list is growing every day. We’ve got templates for just about every need.

 Site Management


All updates on the Nuvo platform are automatic and require nothing from you. No more plugins to update either. Say goodbye to worrying about website issues due to things being out of date

Design Panel

Use our integrated design tools to navigate and set your site’s look and feel.

Auto Save

Don’t lose your progress; our content management system saves automatically.

Revision History

Making irreversible mistakes is a thing of the past with built-in revision history. Simply revert back to the version before you made a mistake with one click.

Advanced Analytics

No more having to go to Google or Bing for analytics our built-in advanced analytics will tell you everything Google does and more. You can still easily connect Google Analytics if you want to though

Custom Code

Easily add custom CSS, JS & HTML to any of your designs through our intuitive custom code editor.

Roles Management

Easily manage roles, change ownership, permissions, user access and more from one dashboard.

Unlimited Contributors

Set permissions for each contributor to your site using the Website Manager.

Bulk Actions

Add users, change pages or perform other tasks on one site or across all of your websites at once.

Administrative Privileges

Add, copy, suspend, or remove websites from your business organization.

Scalable Architecture

Our servers are hosted on the AWS cloud providing you with security and scalability.

Cloud Infrastructure

You have enough on your mind without worrying over your website crashing. Our servers are securely hosted on the cloud and can handle large amounts of traffic.

Multiple Site Management

Access and manage as many Nuvo websites or landing pages/funnels as you want all at once using a single login.

Multiple Domain Support

You can point as many domains or subdomains as you like to your Nuvo account and manage them all in one place.

Activity Reporting

Get reports on activity within your organization. View and access franchise or branch websites through your own custom control panel.


Nuvosite’s instant notifications quickly let you know when there’s activity related to your website.


Fully Responsive

Your customer’s blog will display perfectly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Accessible Site-Wide

Add a blog element anywhere on your websites so visitors can find it easily.

Entirely Customizable

The blog design automatically matches the website design, and can be entirely customized.

Syndicated Content

ATOM and RSS feeds are automatically generated and updated for every new post on a website.

Multiple Authors

Increase the scope of a blog by enabling multiple contributing authors.

Blog Import

Import entire blog posts, including text, images, videos and more, from existing blogs and RSS feeds.

Track Blog Stats

Know exactly how many people visit every post with automatic visitor tracking via our stats module.

Use Disqus Comments

Amp up your blog comments functionality by enabling Disqus comments on all your blog articles

Advanced SEO Settings

Get your posts found on Google. Customize post URLs and control the way each post?s title and description appear on search engines and social media.

Auto Notify Members

Members can get email and mobile notifications on people they follow, comments and more. It?s a great way to get people back to your blog.

Tons of Social Features

There are amazing social features built in for you and your readers. People can like and follow posts, leave comments with videos and images, share posts, follow one another & more!

One Click Set Up

Easily add Nuvo Blog to your site in literally one click and you’re off to blogging about how intuitive your cat is.

 Galleries & Portfolios

Gallery Widgets

Nuvo Gallery Widgets offer multiple presentation styles for your images, including slideshows, stacked, and grid layouts.

Customizable Galleries

Choose from dozens of styles, arrows, layouts and more with our highly customizable galleries.

Grid & Masonary Layouts

Decide how you want to set up your images using one of our multiple grid options and adjust the columns and spacing to make it just right.

Carousel Gallery

Images smoothly shift along a horizontal path onto the screen creating a stunning layout for your images.

Thumbnail Galleries

Utilize automatically generated thumbnail images to navigate your amazing images.


Crop images to perfect squares for a consistent look across your gallery.

Lightbox Presentation

Present beautiful, full-sized imagery with just one click with our integrated lightbox functionality.

Video Galleries

Engage website visitors by uploading your videos or adding your YouTube or Vimeo videos and let your video content take center stage in the form of a stunning gallery.

Cool Animations

Stand out by using a few of our 55+ transition effects and animations available your galleries and portfolios.

One Click Setup

Set up your portfolios with one click. No muss, no fuss. Get it up and start adding portfolio items in minutes.

Portfolio Layouts

Don’t quite know what you want your portfolio to look like. That’s okay, just use one of our 10+ portfolio layouts to get started.

Video & Audio Portfolio

What to punch up your portfolio and stand out from the crowd? Upload your video and audio files and showcase them in your new portfolio.


Email Capture

Grow your email list with newsletter subscription forms on your website using your favorite email service providers including MailChimp, ConstantContact, Emma and more.

Analytics Providers

If you don’t prefer to use our built-in advanced analytics, quickly add Google Analytics, Clicky, GoSquared, StarCounter and more to track your website traffic.

Commenting Systems

Choose from the top commenting platforms including Disqus, IntenseDebate and LiveFyre to power your online conversations.

Social Connections

Stay connected to customers and current for search engines by pulling your social feeds right into your website.

Connect All Domains

Point as many domains and subdomains as you want to your Nuvo account and manage it all from one dashboard.

Social Links

Let your visitors find and follow you on every major network with social links built into your site design.

One-Click Email Connect 

Connect your favorite email service to your Nuvo website to receive and respond to all customer requests and messages. Also, send and receive all order details for your store.

Zappier Integration

No need for an app market or apps that need updates. Integrate over 1000+ platforms with Nuvo through Zappier for free.

 Popup Builder

Unlimited Customization

Customize every single element of your popup, size, color, content, Triggers, duration, functionality, and so much more. You have full control over how your popups look and work.

Exit Intent

Exit-Intent technology detects when visitors are about to push the back button, close their browser, or navigate away. Once this happens a popup will appear with a message addressed to them

Age Restriction Popup 

If you’ve got a website that requires age verification we’ve got you covered, our age restriction popups can be a simple yes or no up to full age verification. All included with Nuvo.

40 Popup Templates

Our popup builder comes with over 40 templates to suit any occasion. Whether you’re list building, social marketing, selling something, or whatever our templates are optimized for conversion.

Downloadable Content 

Whether you need to let customers download forms or you want to offer your latest white paper this can all be done easily with Nuvo’s popup builder.

Video Popups

Click through rates are 200%-300% better with video than just plain text so we made sure you could use them in your popups.

Subscription Popups

Easily add a subscription element to your popup to build your email list and sell more products and services

Showcase Products

Do you sell digital or physical products? Now you can add them to your popups. Even add a quick checkout to your popup.

Unlimited Popups

Use the Nuvo popup builder to create as many popups as you want, there are no limits.

Form Builder 

Get the information you need by adding forms to your popups. There are a million ways you can use this to sell more products and services.

Countdown Timers

Use countdowns to create scarcity on your popups. You can set the time and date and add it to your popups. This simple tool increases conversions by 100%-200%

Social Sharing

Build your social following and increase your SEO by engaging your audience and getting them to like and share your content by adding social elements to your popups

Easy Drag & Drop

Easily build you popups using the same widgets and drag & drop functionality you’re already used to using in the Nuvo builder.


Do you do seasonal sales or time sensitive discounts? Use our scheduling feature to set your popups to work within a certain date range.

Fully Responsive

Our popup builder is responsive and adaptive so the popups you create on it will look good on any mobile device or desktop screen.

Geolocation Trigger 

Use our geolocation feature to trigger a popup based on the individual location of the user. This is a favorite feature for international and local business customers alike.

 Works Everywhere

Edit Anywhere

Edit and republish any site directly from your mobile device. Upload photos you’ve taken on your device, update phone numbers, change links and more.

Instantly Upload Photos

What could be handier than updating photo galleries and image sliders with photos you’ve just snapped on your phone? You can also add, sort and edit images from the Nuvo library.

Mobile-Friendly Dashboard

When you log into Nuvo from your mobile device, you’ll go directly to a new, mobile-friendly dashboard that displays all of your sites and lets you search, preview and edit them.

Designed for Smartphones

Designed especially for touch, the mobile version of Nuvo’s editor has easy-to-click buttons and an intuitive flow, so you’ll find the entire experience easy and intuitive.

Edit Frequently Used Widgets

Edit the most commonly used widgets, including text, image slider, photo gallery, buttons and more.

Receive Instant Notifications

Receive notifications when visitors contact you or perform any other action on your site.

Stay Connected

Respond instantly to any messages or leads that you receive. Follow up on activities such as hotel reservations, service requests or store purchases.

Work With Your Team

Keep in sync with other site contributors by viewing any messages that they’ve sent.

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