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Nuvosite takes a unique approach to your traditional web design agency or website builder (we’re both). Founded in 2017, we’re a growing company sharing our advanced web-based platform with the world at a minimal cost. We offer options for business owners or sole proprietors looking to create a unique and stunning website but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, DIFM (Do It For Me) customers. Our platform is designed with your growth in mind. We focus on value, ease of use, security, and marketing for those not technologically savvy enough to do it themselves. We want to ensure everyone that wants a great website can have one, without all the costs and headache. AND! Did I mention, your site will cost you less than your monthly coffee bill. We are one of the only companies in the world to offer website financing, and we’re the best at it, no BS, simply pay for the site monthly and when you’re done just pay for a regular builder plan as you would if you built it yourself, that’s it.


On top of having the most robust drag & drop builder available on the market. Nuvosite offers several design plans for users who don’t know how or don’t have the time to do it themselves, DIFM (Do it for me) if you will. For users that want to take a DIY approach we offer several builder plans that each come with all the functionality we offer (no piecemealing or bait and switch), you only go up on your plan if you need more of something. We have designers on hand to help you design your website and to offer advice and/or support. We offer 100+ templates (more coming daily), more training than you can shake a stick at and we’ll even help you learn to market your website to grow your business online. In Texas, we call that “the whole enchilada” Let’s see Wix, Weebly or Squarespace do that. BOOM! (mic drop)

Creating your website with Nuvosite is as easy as filling out a form. We do the heavy work while you’re busy with your business & customers. Ever need to add more content to your site? We offer training for our builder to all our customers. We take care of everything to ensure your website looks good across all devices.

With Nuvosite, you get free hosting, free email and a free domain*, so publishing your website is as easy as choosing the domain name you want, and we’ll handle the rest for you. DIY users don’t ever pay a thing until they publish their website. When they do it’s just “one click” to publish your website once you’ve got it how you want it.

At Nuvosite, we’re highly focused on your growth and success. Nuvosite is the only marketing focused website builder on the market. With our awesome Onsite SEO tools, built-in landing page and pop up builder, dynamic built-in analytics dashboard and so much more. We really are a one-stop solution, purposely! We designed it that way.

A Few Builder Features

Modern & Responsive Site Templates
The perfect look for your site is perfect on your phone & tablet, too.

Easy Page & Section Templates
Not sure what to do about a certain page design or section on a page? We offer hundreds of page and page section templates ready for you to drag and drop in. Just add your content and that it.

Powerful Site Builder
It’s surprisingly easy to make a high-quality site you’ll be proud to share.

Built-in Marketing Tools
From onsite SEO to marketing dashboards, training and marketing services we’ve got you covered

Built-in Landing Page & Funnel Builder
Create awesome landing page and marketing funnel from scratch or use our proven kickass templates.

Awesome Popup Builder
Building pops for your site has never looked so good or been so easy and they come with the features you need.

Complete eCommerce
Everything you need to start selling products online. Whether it’s memberships, services or digital and/or physical products, your covered.

Built-in Analytics Dashboard
Track your progress to improve and grow your audience and see all your stats in one place.

Growing App Center
Grow your business and website with simple, one-click integrations with the programs you use.

Easy Blogging
Post and edit from anywhere.

Custom Domain & Email
Personalized domain and email address to build your brand and business.

High-Definition Photos & Videos
Photos look sharp with high-quality galleries, slideshows and filters. Present your videos in crystal-clear HD.

Incredible Portfolios
The whole point of a portfolio is to show off your work. Our portfolios don’t just show it off, they make it sexy.

Link with social media
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

Full Site Search
Pages, documents, blog comments and posts.

Full Featured Plans
No more having to go with the highest plan to get that one feature you need. Our plans come with everything and you simply upgrade if you need more of something and downgrade if you can do with need less.

Reliable Cloud Hosting
Hassle free. Redundant & scalable. Included for everyone.

And more…
Contact Forms
HTML/CSS Control
Mobile Editing
Password Protected Pages
Live Support
HTML5 Editor
Polls & Maps
Domain Names