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Don’t Pay for SEO & Ads, Pay for Qualified Leads

What is Cost Per Lead?

A cost per lead program is a digital marketing campaign that guarantees you a minimum number of leads that fit a criteria defined by you as the customer. Instead of merely ensuring a certain number of click and impressions (like SEO & ads do) which does nothing for your business, we offer guaranteed and qualified leads. Increased website traffic is great and as part of your campaign with Nuvo you’ll see an increase in site traffic. This increased traffic is in addition to the guaranteed leads. The critical role of any marketing campaign is to generate qualified leads that turn into customers and revenue. The CPL program guarantees this. In essence, Nuvo is getting rid of the useless parts of marketing and getting you what you care about. We stand behind our CPL Program Guarantee and can assure you that if any lead is delivered and does not meet the qualifications set forth by you, it will not count against your monthly guaranteed leads.

Pay for what you really want. Pay for leads, not campaigns. Make sense?

How We Generate Leads

We utilize a variety of different digital marketing methods to acquire leads for our customers which may include some if not all of the strategies listed below

Social Media + Ads

Google Adwords


Sales Funnels

Email Targeting





We Take All The Risk, You Get All The Leads

Who We’ve Worked With

Industries We Serve

Here are a few of the industries that utilize our CPL program. If you don’t see your industry below don’t worry, give us a call and if we can generate leads for you, we will.

Legal | Attorney

Personal Injury, Family, Emigration, Real Estate, Tax, Probate, corporate, criminal, Etc.

Finance | Lending

Financial planning, Real Estate & Auto lenders, Accounting & Tax Prep, Money Management, etc.


Automotive, Powersport, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Heavy Equipment, Heavy Trucks, etc.

Real Estate

Commercial/Residential Leasing and Sales, Realtors, Investors, Developers, Architects, etc.


Online marketers, Ecommerce stores, Marketing agencies, Amazon & eBay sellers, etc.


B2B voip phone companies, Cable TV providers, Cellular phone companies, IT companies, etc.


Medical Alert, Hospitals, Private Practice, Medical Schools, Tattoo Removal, Emergency centers, etc.


Loan Origination, Customer Acquisition, Refinance customer leads, retirement planning, etc

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