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Control Over Site Design Like You’ve Never Had

Drag & Drop Reinvented

Drag and drop website builders are nothing new, but most drag & drop builders are clunky, slow, have bad SEO, and lack functionality. So, we decided to reinvent the drag & drop builder. We built it specifically for business owners and marketers looking to grow their business online. Nuvo is fast, secure, easy to use, requires no training, has awesome SEO tools, and the functionality offered in our 28+ widgets and tools is more than you’ll need. We’re constantly improving the functionality and connectivity every day so if we don’t have something you need today, chances are we’ll have it next week. Don’t believe it’s better? Watch us build a fictitious web page from scratch in 1:30 

Showcase Your Images

Nuvo’s gallery gives you complete control over the layout. With slideshows, carousels, grid layouts, masonry layouts, adjustable padding, auto-cropping and more, it’s easy to create a rich visual representation of your story and showcase your work. If you want something even easier we have premade gallery sections where all you have to do is drag it in place and add your images.

Unlimited Possibility

Customize the look of your site all you want. With margin & spacing controls, 800 fonts, global design setting, 28+ widgets & tools, premade sections & pages, 112 modern themes, and so much more. The possibilities for customization are endless. Get the site you always wanted with Nuvo.

You Have Complete Control

Nuvo’s margin and spacing tools are simple to use and give you complete control to put thing exactly where you want them. All you need to be able to do is drag the sliders and margins out and that’s it. No need to learn anything and no more setting margins on the back end and checking your work, do everything live. Our platform is fully responsive but if you’re a perfectionist we still allow you to set margins by device, so you can make sure every element looks great on every screen size.

Build Pages In Minutes

Building a site just got easier with Nuvo’s pre-designed pages and sections. Add a page or section in just a few clicks; simply add your content and you’re done or modify it as necessary to fit your needs. If you pick a theme and you don’t like the layout just delete the sections you don’t like and add the ones you want. You can even save the page layouts and page sections you like in your library and use them on any site or share and collaborate with other contributors.

Additional Features

Full HTML & CSS Access

With full access to HTML and CSS used in the Nuvo theme, you can completely customize the look and feel of the site.

Video Backgrounds

Impress visitors with HD quality video backgrounds. Use YouTube / Vimeo videos or upload your own unique video.

No Forced Ads 

It’s simple, we don’t force advertising on your website. No banner ads, no pop-ups, no pop-unders – nothing!

Hover & Animation Effects

Use the 40+ included hover and animation effects to create a unique and engaging experience for your visitors.

Fully Custom Headers

Drag and drop slideshows, videos, dynamic content and more into a header to create a memorable experience.

Create & Save Templates

Building multiple sites or pages? Save templates, pages and page sections you use often to shorten build time.

Revision History

Don’t worry about making mistakes or changing things. Revision history lets you revert to a version you liked.

Global Design Control

Create a consistent website by defining site-wide settings for text, colors, buttons, images, and backgrounds.

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