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A Great Site Starts With A Great Domain


Building Your Brand With Nuvosite

Your domain is just the start. When you’re ready, build your own website, landing page or online store with just a few clicks. We’ll even build it for you through one of our design services. Get off the ground in style with Nuvosite.


Propel your business into a recognized brand with our powerful eCommerce platform.


Looking to stand out online with a picture-perfect website? Nuvosite is the easiest way.


Convert leads & build lists like never before with our built-in landing page & funnel builder


Connect your domain to G Suite and get a custom email for your personal brand or business.

Nuvo Makes It Simple To Register A Domain For Your Website, Blog Or Online Store

Full ownership & DNS control

Connect directly to your website

Private domain registration

Domain hosting included

Over 1000 TLD's to choose from

SPAM-FREE domain parking

SSL certificate included

Your Next Domain Doesn’t Have To Cost A Lot

Nuvo offers 1000+ TLD’s, here are some options to get you started.
















Not Seeing What You Want? There’s More.

Until recently, there were less than two dozen domain extensions to choose from – including .com, .net and .org, to name the most popular ones. Now there are literally hundreds for you to choose from.

A web address they’ll remember

The new domains are easy to remember because they’re specific to your industry or location. Want to promote your photography business? Try .photos or .photography. Opening a trendy new eatery? Check out .cafe or .pub. And nothing beats .club for your kids’ soccer team or neighborhood book group.

A chance to promote your location

Got a business that serves local customers? Check out your country’s domain name, .ca for Canada and .co.uk for businesses in the UK. If your products or service are popular in a particular locale, these are a good choice since people often search for “product + location.”

More choices than ever before

Why limit yourself to the classic domains? The hundreds of new domain names now available multiply your chances to find an amazing web address that truly fits your idea or business.

Domain Transfer

Looking to transfer your existing domain to Nuvosite?




Stand out from the crowd with a professional, customized domain name that truly represents your business and brand.


Connect your domain to Nuvo Mail or G Suite and get a custom email for your personal brand or business.


A custom domain makes it easier for customers to find you online and helps your business show up in Google and other search engines.


Domains improve brand recognition which in turn improves trust. People trust what they know and what looks professional. Temporary domains don't look professional.


custom domains when used properly can boost the search ranking for your website.


Domains help to inform customers of what you do and where you are among many other things. This helps to build your brand identity.

Have questions? We have answers

There’s only one way to know! Simply enter your desired domain name in the search box above and click the Search button to find out if you can register it and for how much. Our domain name search tool will also let you know if other extensions or variations are available, such as yourwebsite.net or yourawesomewebsite.org.
The first step to starting your website is registering your domain name. Think of your domain name as a street address for your website. Without a domain name, you would have to tell customers to visit your website at a temporary url such as (yourwebsite).nuvosite.com instead of yourwebsite.com. Get your own domain name to lend your site a professional look and establish your online brand!
Nuvosite sells the following top-level-domain (TLD) extentions: .agency,.biz,.center,.christmas,.club,.co,.co.uk,.com,.company,.design,.directory,.email,.expert,.gifts,.guru,.holiday,.info,.land,.london,.me,.mx,.net,.ninja,.online,.org,.party,.photography,.photos,.pictures,.rocks,.site,.solutions,.space,.technology,.tips,.today,.tokyo,.top,.tv,.website,.wiki,.xyz,.shop,.store
The short answer is yes you can keep it. But only if there isn’t a balance owed to Nuvosite.
If you qualify for a free domain and you already have a domain you will not be given another domain for free we will simply wave your transfer fee and give you a 1-year renewal for that domain. The options are 1. A free domain OR 2. A free transfer and renewal of an existing domain.
Absolutely! You can buy as many domains as you want. We won’t stop you.
You’ll manage all your domains from a dashboard that’s created when you purchase your domain. This is also where you would manage your Nuvo Mail email accounts if you pick some up at any point.
Nuvo does offer free domains to its users with conditions. For DIY Builder customers, your domain is free if you sign up annually for one of our builder plans. For DIFM/Design customers, your domain is free and will be released to you once the balance of your website is paid in full. “Free Domains” are only free for the 1st year all domain renewals are the responsibility of the customer.
All domain registrars require a transfer fee to transfer a domain out to another registrar. The money you’re paying is that fee. But, we do give you a year’s registration for FREE with every transfer. Plus your renewal cost is lower and benefits are greater with Nuvosite. So in the long run you’ll actually be saving money by transferring your domain to Nuvosite.
Thats great! You would simply transfer your domain into Nuvosite and connect it to your website with a few simple steps. Our support is here to help you all the way. Not that you’ll need help.